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"ADHD in Children; Pesticides May Be Missing Link"; Huffington Post

"New Alarm Bells about Chemicals and Cancer"; New York Times

"Out of Fashion: GreenLawns"; USA Today

"Your Lethal Lawn"; Men's Health Magazine

"Weed-and-feed products are toxic. Period." ; Seattle Pi

"Pesticide Susceptibility In Children Lasts Longer Than Expected"; Science Daily

"Prenatal Exposure To Chemicals With Higher BMI In Toddlers"; Science Daily

"Landrigan calls for more research into autism-environment link"; Bloomington Alternative

"Former Chemical Applicator: 'I Am Literally Ashamed of Myself for Being Part of It'" Hear from a lawn care professional who shifted from conventional to organic practices.


"Risks From Lawn Care Pesticides": For a very comprehensive review of the health and environmental risks associated with lawn chemicals, view this report published by Environmental and Health, Inc (

Pesticide Fact Sheet: View this fact sheet for health and environmental risk statistics.

"Do Pesticides Cause Lymphoma?" By the Lymphoma Foundation of America

"Human Health and the Environment" from United Nations Environment Programme

Brussels Study Links Roundup to Birth Defects: International scientists confirm dangers of Roundup at GMO-Free Regions Conference in Brussels

Here is a report showing that organic care of athletic fields result in 25 percent cost savings over 5 years.

"Reduce Lawn Fertilizer and Save our Rivers!": Isabel Junkin, a graduate student at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, published this research paper on the significance of lawn fertilizer on the waterways of Maryland. The report reveals homeowners may be applying far more fertilizer than necessary; the author concludes that the nation's thirst for green lawns is having a dramatically negative impact on oceans and other waterways.


Beyond Pesticides

Pesticide Action Network of America

Toxic Actions Center